Tourism Project Group

For many years they have stood majestically in the Firth of Forth, transporting commuters effortlessly from Fife to Edinburgh and back. However, with the commissioning of a new bridge and the designation of World Heritage Site Status (for one of the bridges), it is now time for the Forth Bridge, the Forth Road Bridge and new Queensferry Crossing to step into the limelight for their time to shine. Three bridges, spanning three centuries in one incredible location.

A dedicated Forth Bridges Forum sub-group, the Tourism Project Group, was set up and given the ambitious exercise to look at how the Forum could successfully transform the Forth bridges and immediate surrounding areas into a tourism destination.

With this focus, the Tourism Project Group, will research the amount of work and dedication needed to achieve the ultimate aims of enticing visitors, domestically and internationally, to add the Forth Bridges to their tourism itineraries, raising the profile of the area, and highlighting the historical and architectural importance of the bridges.


To develop and transform the Forth Bridges ‘Area’ into a fully sustainable, landmark visitor attraction and destination. Such a transformation will be led initially by the Forth Bridges Forum Tourism Project Group with input from interested stakeholders.


“To promote the Forth Bridges ‘Area’ and its unrivalled landmarks, as an inspirational and iconic tourism destination, providing information on the history, culture, engineering and identity of this, one of Scotland’s most recognised areas.”

“To work with local communities, businesses and stakeholders to develop a sustainable economic future for the tourism industry in the immediate regions that surround the Forth Bridges and support growth.”


The members of the Tourism Project Group are listed below.