Given its imposing physical presence, the Forth Road Bridge is naturally a defining feature of each of the communities in which it sets down a foot.

Local schools regularly take advantage of the opportunity to visit the world-famous landmark on their doorstep. Some lucky pupils can even boast that they have climbed to the top of one of the bridge’s impressively tall towers.

Of course, the bridge can also impact on the lives of its neighbours in less positive ways. Major work carried out on the bridge invariably causes a disturbance for those living nearby, whilst backed-up traffic resulting from high wind restrictions can trigger congestion in these communities.

For this reason, the Forth Bridges Unit is always keen to receive feedback from residents on what it can do better. Staff regularly meet with local community organisations, with the express aim of building strong relationships with the individuals and communities on either shore. We welcome feedback on all issues.

If you wish to report a problem with the Forth Road Bridges you can contact the team directly via the Report A Problem page here.

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