Major projects

A long term programme of major projects to strengthen and improve the Forth Road Bridge's structure and replace major components is in progress.

The schemes listed are those that are considered essential for the maintenance and safe operation of the bridge.

The intention is to identify as far as possible the major improvement and strengthening works that will be required on the bridge over the next 10 years.  Many of the schemes are unique and some have yet to be fully determined in nature and extent.

Carriageway or lane closures will be required to carry out many of the planned works and each carriageway or lane closure will be fully utilised to minimise the impact of disruption.  Most of these carriageway or lane closures will be carried out overnight.  However, weekend restrictions will be required to carry out waterproofing and resurfacing works and some of the expansion joint inspections.

Intermittent closures of the footway/cycletracks will also be required to carry out some of these schemes.  However, at least one footway/cycletrack will remain open at all times, except in high winds.