Lego Forth Bridge idea achieves 10,000 supporters

The Forth Bridge could become Scotland's first official Lego model, after an idea submitted to the Lego website attracted the required number of supporters to be formally considered for commercial production

The Forth Bridges United Kingdom 3/31/2021 10:59:51 AM

Engineer Michael Dineen submitted his design idea to Lego, hoping that it will help to teach people about how the iconic railway bridge was built.

The design will now be considered by the model company's review team and assessed against a tough set of criteria including playability, demand and build quality, to see if they will take it forward.

Michael said: "Thank you to every single person who took the time to support my Forth Bridge LegoIDEA.

"I’m truly overwhelmed by how everyone has backed me from day 1 (which was 18 months ago) and how over the course the support and messages of goodwill kept pouring in.

"It’s so heartwarming to know that something that means so much to me, does so to many others and I sincerely hope Lego will chose to add this set to their official range, for sale all over the world.....finally putting Scotland on the Lego map in the form of its 6th World Heritage site.

"Thank you all so much again.....and fingers crossed everything turns out awesome."