Proactive road improvement work taking place during bridge closure

Amey is undertaking a proactive programme of road improvement work during the period of the Forth Road Bridge closure. Several schemes planned for 2016 have been accelerated to be completed during the closure.

This work includes carriageway lining on the A90 from Welldean to Echline and on the M90 Spur from Scotstoun to Humbie rail bridge; and landscaping works to the A90 from Welldean to Echline.

In addition there has been a cyclic sweeping of the full bridge carriageway, gully cleaning, patching works, joint sealing, clearance of the drainage system on the M90 spur at Craigbrae, a programme of asset management and enhancements to bridge lighting systems.

Mark Arndt, Amey’s Account Director for the Forth Road Bridge said: “While our priority is completing the repairs to the damaged truss end link; we are taking advantage of the bridge closure to accelerate works planned for 2016. By tackling these schemes now we’re reducing the number of lane and overnight closures required next year, lessening the impact for bridge users – motorists, cyclists and pedestrians - who have already demonstrated great understanding over the need for this extended closure.”

Amongst the work being carried out, a team of over 60 specialist inspectors are in the process of completing a full bridge inspection, with focus on the more difficult to access areas such as main towers and hangers.

For the first time in Forth Road Bridge history, inspections are being aided by an expert drone team.

Structural monitoring systems are in the process of being installed to observe structural behaviour.

In addition to the repair to the defect on the truss end link, a proactive programme to strengthen seven similar locations on the bridge is also already taking place.