Queensferry Crossing to Reopen

The Queensferry Crossing will reopen at 10:45 today, with bridge operators and weather forecasters now confident that the risk of ice and snow accumulating and falling from the cables has passed.

The Forth Bridges United Kingdom 7/13/2020 10:37:25 AM

Operating company Amey have been continually monitoring the bridge since it was closed to traffic on Monday, working closely with weather forecasters and other operational partners to build a more accurate understanding of the specific processes that led to snow and ice accumulating and then falling from the cables. They are now confident that it is safe to reopen the bridge.

More wintry weather is forecast, however proactive monitoring of the bridge will continue throughout this period.

Mark Arndt, Account Director for operating company Amey, said:

“We thank drivers for their patience and understanding during this closure. Safety had to come first, however the data we have gathered has improved our understanding of the issue and will help us to improve predictions and refine operating procedures in future.”