Abnormal loads

Guidance for abnormal loads crossing the Forth Bridges.

Advance notification is required for:

  • Anything wider than 2.90m (9’ 6”)
  • Anything longer than 18.65m (61’)

Advance notification and indemnity is required 

  • Anything heavier than 44 tonnes
  • Anything longer than 27.40m (90’)

A copy of our standard notification & indemnity form can be downloaded here. This should be completed and returned by email to ForthBridge.Abloads@amey.co.uk

The following abnormal loads require a special escort over the bridge, with all other traffic held back in the direction the load is travelling:

  • Anything heavier than 80 tonnes
  • Anything wider than 3.65m (12’)
  • Anything longer than 27.40m (90’)

Loads requiring an FRB escort are not permitted to cross at the following times:

  • During peak traffic hours,  i.e. Monday to Friday 0600 - 0900 and 1600 - 1900 (1530 -1900 on Friday)
  • Or at the Control Room Staff’s discretion, depending on incidents, accidents or roadworks.

These escort restrictions are in place for the safety of the travelling public and to prevent damage to the bridge structure as the two-lane carriageway is only 7.3m (24’) wide. Also, if the abnormal load breaks down then there is clear access to recover the vehicle.

Loads over 80 tonnes are requested to keep to a speed of 15 mph while travelling across the bridge, and no more than two loads over 80 tons can be moved at any one time (combined weight not exceeding 180 tons).

Loads over 150 tonnes are not permitted to cross the bridge.

Abnormal Load Vehicles with axle loads in excess of 16 tonnes are not permitted to cross the bridge

Police Scotland expect FRB Control Room staff to contact them before we move an abnormal load into their area, in case there are any ongoing incidents, accidents or roadworks that we are not aware of.