Road user guide

This guide has been produced for road users of the Queensferry Crossing, Forth Road Bridge and the surrounding road network to help provide an understanding of the new road and bridge layouts and their associated features.

The opening of the Queensferry Crossing provides new opportunities for travel across the Forth, for all road users including pedestrians and cyclists. To support its opening, a new 13.7 mile (22 km) long motorway corridor has also been completed, extending from the M90 Halbeath Junction over the Queensferry Crossing to the M9 north of Newbridge Junction.

Various new and modified junctions and associated roads have also been constructed, and a number of new road features have been incorporated. The Forth Road Bridge has now been re-designated primarily for use by public transport.

Although traffic signs provide relevant guidance for the appropriate use of the bridges and their approach roads, road users may, however, find this guide of value as it provides:

  • A summary of how the motorway and associated roads operate.
  • An overview of the access arrangements for the Queensferry Crossing and Forth Road Bridge.

 Location plan