North road network

North road network

A number of measures have been implemented north of the Forth to enhance public transport and the operation of general traffic, including:

Mandatory variable speed limits:

  • Southbound from Halbeath (on the M90) and Crossgates (on the A92) towards and over the Queensferry Crossing
  • Northbound over the Queensferry Crossing to north of Masterton Junction (M90 J2)
  • On the A823(M) eastbound from east of Pitreavie roundabout.

Hard shoulders operating full time as permanent bus lanes:

  • Southbound from Halbeath Interchange (M90 J2A) to Admiralty Junction (M90 J1C).

Hard shoulders available as temporary bus lanes when the Forth Road Bridge is closed:

  • On the Queensferry Crossing, buses and coaches carrying 24 seated passengers or more may use the hard shoulders (northbound and southbound) as bus lanes when the Forth Road Bridge is closed (e.g. due to high winds) and when appropriate signs are displayed.

Public Transport Corridor and associated facilities:

  • Vehicles permitted to use the Forth Road Bridge can use the access roads indicated by 'PTC' on the map
  • Bus priority lanes are provided at Ferrytoll Junction
  • At Ferrytoll Park & Ride buses and general traffic have separate entry and exit lanes to improve access and operation.

Facilities for pedestrians and cyclists:

  • New footpaths and cycleways have been provided in and around Ferrytoll Junction, linking with Ferrytoll Park & Ride
  • Cyclists may use the public transport links and roads at Ferrytoll Junction to access the cycleways on the Forth Road Bridge.

The north road network looking south to the Bridges