• The Queensferry Crossing is a motorway (M90).

  • The Forth Road Bridge forms part of a Public Transport Corridor restricted to certain
    users including buses, taxis, motorcycles (up to 125cc), pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Traffic signs provide relevant guidance for the appropriate use of the bridges and their
    approach roads.

  • An Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is in operation and includes overhead gantries,
    spaced regularly along the route. These include motorway signals and variable
    message signs to control traffic and inform road users. Mandatory variable speed limits
    are applied when necessary – e.g. during incidents or when significant congestion

  • Intelligent Transport Systems increase the efficiency and capacity of roads by
    improving traffic flow and reducing congestion, in turn helping journey time reliability,
    reducing emissions and improving safety.

  • Road signs indicate where lengths of hard shoulder can be used as permanent bus
    lanes. When the Forth Road Bridge is closed and appropriate signage is displayed, the
    Queensferry Crossing hard shoulders can also be used as bus lanes.

  • Road users should use the hard shoulder in an emergency.

Three bridges from three centuries