Vehicles requiring permission

Guidance for abnormal loads and agricultural vehicles.

Abnormal loads

Advance notification is required for:

  • Anything wider than 2.90m (9’ 6”)
  • Anything longer than 18.65m (61’)

Advance notification and indemnity is required 

  • Anything heavier than 44 tonnes
  • Anything longer than 27.40m (90’)

A copy of our standard notification & indemnity form can be downloaded here. This should be completed and returned by email to

Loads that could cause congestion are not permitted to cross at the following times:

  • During peak traffic hours,  i.e. Monday to Friday 0600 - 0900 and 1600 - 1900 (1530 -1900 on Friday)
  • Or at the Control Room Staff’s discretion, depending on incidents, accidents or roadworks.

Loads over 196 tonnes are not permitted to cross the bridge.

Agricultural vehicles

Agricultural vehicles include tractors, tractors towing loaded trailers and other agricultural vehicles such as combine harvesters (on trailers or crossing under their own power).

Agricultural vehicles permitted to use the Queensferry Crossing are covered by Classes I or II in Schedule 3 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 and are subject to normal motorway restrictions:

Agricultural vehicles are permitted to use the Forth Road Bridge without the prior consent of the roads authority if they:
a) are not permitted to use the Queensferry Crossing; and
b) fall within the definition and provisions relating to agricultural motor vehicles set out in section 3 of The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986:

Agricultural vehicles that do not conform with The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 may be permitted to use the Forth Road Bridge but only with the prior consent of the roads authority.

The following requirements for advance notification therefore apply:

  • Agricultural vehicles up to 2.9m wide may use the Forth Road Bridge without providing advance notification.
  • Agricultural vehicles over 2.9m wide but below 3.5m wide must contact FRB Control Room in advance of movement to gain permission to cross.
  • Agricultural vehicles over 3.5m wide must contact FRB Control Room 24hrs in advance of movement and call again when arriving on site to gain permission to cross.

FRB Control Room can be contacted 24 hours a day on 0131 319 3083 or via

These procedures ensure safe passage for all users and prevent vehicles arriving and finding a restriction in place that may delay or prevent passage over the bridge.