Wind and weather

Last updated 00:00 on 01 Jan 2001


Max gust 0 MPH

This page shows current conditions at deck level on the Forth Bridges, together with details of high wind procedures for each bridge. Scroll down for further information.



Wind direction


Weather type


High wind procedures:
Queensferry Crossing

Wind Speed Restrictions 
Gusts > 50 mph

40mph speed limit on bridge

Gusts > 60 mph
Closed to double-deck buses
Gusts > 70 mph

Closed to:

~ All high-sided vehicles

~ Transit van style with modification

~ Vehicles with trailers or caravans

~ Vehicles with roof boxes or wind-susceptible roof rack items

~ Motorcycles

~ Three-wheeled cars

~ Any other vehicle which appears, in the judgement of bridge staff or the police, to be clearly at risk

Gusts > 90 mph

Closed to all vehicles except cars

30mph speed limit on bridge

Gusts > 100 mph
Closed to all traffic

High wind procedures:
Forth Road Bridge

Wind Speed Restrictions 
Gusts > 35 mph  40mph speed limit on bridge
Gusts > 45 mph Closed to double-deck buses
Gusts > 50 mph 

Closed to:

~ Motorcycles

~ Bicycles

~ Pedestrians

Gusts > 65 mph

Closed to all traffic

The high wind procedures set out on this page are for the safety of bridge users and to minimise disruption to traffic caused by overturned vehicles.

Drivers of restricted vehicles should divert via an alternative route as early as possible – restricted vehicles arriving at the bridges will be turned back by the police. Variable message signs operated by Traffic Scotland warn of restrictions on most approaches to the bridges. Travel bulletins on local and national radio stations also provide regular updates.

It is every driver’s responsibility to consider the safety of their own vehicle and that of other road users. If you are in any doubt, please contact Bridge Control on 0131 319 3083 for advice. 

 24-hour wind speed graph

The graph above shows average wind speeds and maximum gusts for the past 24 hours. The most recent wind speeds appear at the right hand side. The graph is updated every 10-20 minutes.