First you named the bridge, now FRAME it

19 March 2015

Today the Infrastructure Secretary Keith Brown launched Frame the Bridge – our public selfie campaign centred around the ongoing construction of the Queensferry Crossing. When we say “selfie” we’re more than happy if you send in snaps of your family and friends. Just as long as the works are in the background - you can't really miss them these days!

Over 35,000 members of the public voted in Name the Bridge the 2013 naming competition that eventually settled on the bridge's Queensferry Crossing monicker. That confirmed what we always suspected was true: the Queensferry Crossing is capturing the popular imagination in the same way as the Forth and Forth Road Bridges have done for generation after generation. Now the works are so visible, people are flocking to take pictures for themselves. Nowadays, of course, they have social media networks to spread the word about this third Forth Bridge that’s just as spectacular… maybe even more so… than its older sisters.

Frame the Bridge is about capturing that latent interest in the project and giving people the opportunity to be a permanent part of its legacy. It really is as easy as taking your snap (featuring the bridge towers and/or viaducts in the background and your face and/or those of your family and friends) and uploading it to The images will be moderated… just to make sure no one is being a cheeky monkey… and then uploaded to the ‘People’s Bridge’ mosaic. Could not be simpler. From there you can find your picture within the bridge image and then share it with your social media networks.

There are two locations we recommend at the moment – one on the south side near the Contact and Education Centre and one in the north, at the Queensferry Hotel viewing platform. We’ve put helpful signs out with more instructions, links and QR codes to take you directly to where you can upload your snap.

We’re very excited about Frame the Bridge and we will keep it running throughout the rest of the project construction period to build a unique visual record of progress and the people who’ve helped us Frame the Bridge.

Please take part – it’s a quick, fun way to make yourself a part of history.

PS – we have lots more planned for Frame the Bridge including uploading staff images so you’ll get to know the people who are building the bridge in some locations you certainly wouldn’t otherwise see.