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Squares Forth Road Bridge (1)
Forth Road Bridge
Footpath/Cycleway Restriction - East Footpath/Cycleway Closed - Forth Road Bridge

Due to essential works the East footpath is currently closed. The West footpath/cycleway is open for cyclists and pedestrians.

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Squares Forth Bridge (1)
Forth Bridge
Forth Bridges Trail

Battery Road

Trail stop

GPS 56.007883,-3.392916

The Human Voice of The Bridge

The name Briggers refers to the men and boys who constructed the Forth Bridge. Many commuted on the daily train from Edinburgh and their presence shaped life in North and South Queensferry. It is said that at the end of a shift, the local Hawes Inn would line up 200 pints on the bar!

Sadly, it was backbreaking and dangerous work. Efforts were made to keep the workers safe but many were injured. So many that an accident ward was set up next to the garden of Hawes Inn.

In total, 73 men and boys were killed. The youngest was just 13 years old.

Erected in 2012, the Briggers Memorial pays tribute to them, listing their names to give a human voice to The Bridge.

Identifying the names to inscribe was not straightforward. It was commonly assumed that the records of the Sick and Accident Club (an early form of insurance) could be used but no trace of the records could be found. 

Without a complete historical record, members of the South Queensferry History Group and other local enthusiasts embarked on the huge task of identifying the casualties. They spent years going through the census and other documents to find those who died and recognise their contribution to this massive feat of engineering.

What's Nearby?

Look out for the information signs dotted around this area; there’s one with some interesting facts about the area (“A Rough Ride”) and one about The Royal Navy in the Forth During World War One.

There’s a lovely wee picnic area under the Forth Bridge at the bottom of the north cantilever. It was planted by children from the local primary school and offers close-up views under the bridge.

As you look over this sign towards the Forth Road Bridge, you will see John Rennie’s Town Pier. Stroll across to visit two wonderful miniatures: the world’s smallest working light tower and Scotland’s smallest museum.

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Essential Information

  • There are new public toilets in the Battery Road Carpark (there is a small fee)
  • The nearest places to eat (The Wee Café and Rankins) are near the War Memorial Trail Stop

Where Next on the Trail?

Depending on which route you are walking, the next stops are:
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War Memorial

North Queensferry

Approx 2 min walk (0.1 mi) via Battery Rd and Main St/B981

Commemorating the First and Second World Wars which had a huge impact on the village.

War Memorial Trail Stop >

North Queensferry Station

North Queensferry

Approx 6 min walk (0.2 mi) via Ferryhill Rd

Visit here for the Victorian Station, North Queensferry Heritage Centre and trains across the bridge.

There are public toilets here and North Queensferry’s only convenience store is nearby on Brock Street.

North Queensferry Railway Station Trail Stop >
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Railway Pier

North Queensferry

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Approx 1 min walk (0.2 mi) via Main St/B981 & Ferry Rd

The departure point for ferries to South Queensferry since the 1950s.

Railway Pier Trail Stop >
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See all Trail Stops

See all Trail Stops >

Forth Bridges Trail Maps

For North & South Queensferry

You can also use ///what3words to guide you to the trail signs. The ///what3words reference is given on each trail stop page.