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Open to general traffic, subject to normal motorway restrictions

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Footpath/Cycleway Restriction - East Footpath/Cycleway Closed - Forth Road Bridge

Due to essential works the East footpath is currently closed. The West footpath/cycleway is open for cyclists and pedestrians.

Access Restrictions
Squares Forth Bridge (1)
Forth Bridge

Visiting the Bridges FAQS

Visiting the Forth Bridges

Can I walk across the Forth Bridge?

The Forth Bridge is only accessible by train. You can catch a train across the Forth Bridge at North Queensferry or Dalmeny Station. 

The Forth Road Bridge features footpaths and cycle paths, allowing visitors to enjoy spectacular views of both the Forth Bridge and the Queensferry Crossing.

There is a footpath on either side of the Forth Road Bridge. The east footpath links into National Cycle Route 1 and is kept open at all times except in high winds above 50mph. The west footpath is routinely closed to the public in order to separate maintenance traffic from cyclists and pedestrians.

If there is a requirement to use the east footpath for maintenance activity, these arrangements will sometimes be reversed - you can always check the Planned roadworks page to confirm which footpath is currently open.

Can I walk around the bridges?

Yes. The new Forth Bridges Trail will take you on a circular tour of the bridges and surrounding area. Follow the trail here

How else can I see the bridges?

Boat trips are available from South Queensferry that take visitors up the Firth of Forth and under the bridges.

Plans for a viewing platform and guided walks are also underway for the Forth Bridge as part of the Forth Bridge Experience.

What is the easiest way to get to the bridges?

There are many accessible transport links to the Forth bridges. So, whether you are planning to come by air, train, bus, car or on foot, find out more in our How to get here section.

Are there any visitor facilities at the bridges?

At the south end of the bridge, in South Queensferry, you'll find the Forth Bridges Viewpoint, a coffee kiosk and toilets.

The circular Forth Bridges Trail is designed to help you to explore the bridges and local area. Look out for the signs or follow the trail here. 

What is there to see and do near the Forth Bridges?

Loads of things! The historic settlements of North and South Queensferry make for a great day out, and there are plenty of attractions nearby. Go to our Visit the Local Area section to find out more.

Are there places to eat near the Forth Bridges?

Yes. There are lots of nice places to grab coffee and cake or a locally sourced meal. There's even a brewery! Take a look at our Eat & Drink pages. 

Where can I find out more about the bridges and the local area?

Follow these links to other pages on our website:

Visiting the bridges

The Forth Bridge trail

Visiting the local area

Forth Bridge Interactive Map

How often does the Forth Bridge need painting?

The Forth Bridge, in its distinctive red, used to need constant painting. It's the stuff of legends! Find out how it is painted nowadays in our blog.

Is the Queensferry Crossing open?

You can check whether the Queensferry Crossing is open and see live traffic information and webcams here