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Queensferry Crossing

Open to general traffic, subject to normal motorway restrictions

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Squares Forth Road Bridge (1)
Forth Road Bridge
Footpath/Cycleway Restriction - East Footpath/Cycleway Closed - Forth Road Bridge

Due to essential works the East footpath is currently closed. The West footpath/cycleway is open for cyclists and pedestrians.

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Squares Forth Bridge (1)
Forth Bridge
Forth Bridges Trail

Railway Pier

Trail stop

GPS 56.008314,-3.398944

The Heart of Travel

Railway Pier played an important role in the history of the Queensferry Passage.

Thought to be designed by Thomas Bouche, before the Forth Bridge opened, the pier was used by train passengers. Those alighting in North Queensferry got off at the pier, took a ferry over to Port Edgar, and then caught another train on the other side.

The pier was also used by the first ferry to transport train carriages. Known as the ‘floating railway’ goods and passengers were transported between Granton and Burntisland via a ten-minute ferry crossing.

Goods traffic used the Railway Pier until 1954. The ferries closed when the Forth Road Bridge opened in 1964.

The Railway Pier is now home to the North Queensferry Boat Club.

Take a Short Detour

If you want to see a different view of the bridges, at the top of the road leaving the harbour, take a shot detour along the coastline to walk under the Forth Road Bridge and pause by the memorial bench looking towards the Queensferry Crossing.

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Essential Information

  • The nearest public toilets are in Battery Road Car Park
  • The nearest place to eat is the Doubletree by Hilton which has stunning views of the bridges

Where Next on the Trail?

Depending on which route you are walking, the next stops are:
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War Memorial

North Queensferry

Approx 2 min walk (0.1 mi) via Battery Rd and Main St/B981

Commemorating the First and Second World Wars which had a huge impact on the village.

War Memorial Trail Stop >

Forth Road Bridge

North Queensferry

Follow Ferry Road to join the Forth Road Bridge. You can walk or cycle across.

The East Walkway is commonly open to walkers and cyclists, but sometimes, the West Walkway is used instead.

There are steps up to the bridge or you can follow the longer cycle route to avoid them. (There is another set of steps that pass Queensferry Community Complex to return to the station along Brock Street).

Forth Bridge North Tower Trail Stop >
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See all Trail Stops

See all Trail Stops >

Forth Bridges Trail Maps

For North & South Queensferry

You can also use ///what3words to guide you to the trail signs. The ///what3words reference is given on each trail stop page.