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Squares Forth Road Bridge (1)
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Squares Forth Bridge (1)
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Forth Bridges Trail

The Harbour

Trail stop


From Commerce to Nature

The harbour was constructed in 1878-18. It was influenced by Robert Stevenson (designer of the Bell Rock Lighthouse) who made recommendations during a visit in 1815.

The harbour was the centre of the town’s commercial life for many years. In its early years, it served as a port for trade with Europe and Scandinavia and had some connections with the whaling industry. In later years it was essential to the import and export of materials to support the distilling and soap-making industries.

Nowadays, the harbour is an oasis of calm, bordered by urban beaches and lapping water. Sometimes you can spot jellyfish and seals.

There are lots of benches dotted around where you can sit and spot wild rabbits, watch the boats, admire panoramic views of the bridges and experience the noise when a train crosses!

The harbour is now home to the Queensferry Boat Club.

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Essential Information

  • The nearest toilets are in High Street
  • If you need a quick bite, the nearest places to eat and drink are in High Street

Where Next on the Trail?

Depending on which route you are walking, the next stops are:
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Port Edgar Marina

South Queensferry

Approx 10 min walk (0.5 mi) via Shore Rd

Visit for an enjoyable stroll around the boats, boat trips, a branded retail store and nice places to eat.


Port Edgar Marina Trail Stop >

The Binks

South Queensferry

Approx 3 min walk (0.2 mi) via B924 and Rose Ln

Visit to see this natural rock formation that forms a jetty and the 600-year-old Priory Church.  

The Binks Trail Stop >
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South Queensferry

Approx 8 min walk (2.0 mi) via Station Rd and B924

Visit to see the old centre of town life and the Bellstane Bird. Don’t miss the lovely Harbour Lane and studio as a cut-through on the way to Bellstane.


Bellstane Trail Stop >
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See all Trail Stops >

Forth Bridges Trail Maps

For North & South Queensferry

You can also use ///what3words to guide you to the trail signs. The ///what3words reference is given on each trail stop page.