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Due to essential works the West footpath is currently closed. The East footpath/cycleway is open for cyclists and pedestrians.

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Limekilns & Charlestown

Near North Queensferry

Historic Landmarks

Limekilns and Charlestown are pretty, peaceful little villages with historic landmarks, lovely coastal views and plenty of refreshment stops.

Visit Limekilns

Limekilns was once the main port for Dunfermline. Ships would regularly deliver goods for the King and his court and its oldest surviving building is the King's Cellar where sovereigns are said to have stored wine.

As its name would suggest, in later times, the production of lime from local stone was the major industry until the 18th century when production was moved to the nearby new settlement of Charlestown. Here you can still see the impressive sight of the giant lime kilns, conserved by Inner Forth Landscapes, quarried into the cliffs. The harbour was specifically built to allow ships to get as close as possible to the kilns. You may recognise the name Limekilns from Robert Louis
Stevenson’s novel ‘Kidnapped’ - David Balfour and Alan Breck were carried from Limekilns across the Forth in a rowing boat.

Visit Charlestown  

Nearby Charlestown was established in the 1750s by the Earl of Elgin who planned its layout in the shape of his initials C (for Charles) and E (for Elgin).

Charlestown is home to the grand Broomhall House, home of the Bruce family. Built in 1702 to designs by Sir William Bruce, the house is architecturally significant. It houses an important collection of fine art and artefacts, including the Sword of State of King Robert the Bruce. The house is not generally open to the public but pre-booked groups can take tours guided by members of the Bruce family.

Fife Coastal Path

The villages are a good starting point for walks along the Fife Coastal path. There’s a nice circular walk starting from the old pier at Limekilns and following the South Fife Coast. 

If you want to walk further, the Limekilns to  Burntisland Coastal Path takes in Inverkeithing, Dalgety Bay and Aberdour.

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Visiting Limekilns & Charlestown

Useful information
  • Distance from North Queensferry: 9 min (4.4 mi) via B981 and Hilton Rd
  • Limekilns Coastal Path Parking: Limekilns, Dunfermline, KY11 3JR
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Near North Queensferry
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