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Open to general traffic, subject to normal motorway restrictions

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Squares Forth Road Bridge (1)
Forth Road Bridge
Footpath/Cycleway Restrictions - WEST FOOTPATH - CLOSED

Due to essential works the West footpath is currently closed. The East footpath/cycleway is open for cyclists and pedestrians.

Access Restrictions
Squares Forth Bridge (1)
Forth Bridge

South Road Network


South Road Control Measures

For the south road network, measures implemented to enhance public transport and operation for general traffic include the following:

Mandatory variable speed limits:

  • On the Queensferry Crossing – both carriageways (northbound and southbound) through the Scotstoun Junction (M90 J1) to M9 Junction 1A
  • On the M9 southbound between Winchburgh and Newbridge.

Hard shoulders operating as full time bus lanes:

  • Southbound from the M90 (at Kirkliston) to Newbridge Junction (M9 J1).

Hard shoulders available as temporary bus lanes when the Forth Road Bridge is closed:

Special road restrictions:

  • To minimise diversion of non-motorway traffic onto the local road network in the South Queensferry area, the approach road (A90) between Queensferry Junction (M90 J1A) and Scotstoun Junction (M90 J1) has been designated "special road". Traffic permitted to use this road includes Class 1, Class 11 and Class 1V vehicles as set out in the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 – see www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1984/54/contents. This means that while the majority of motor vehicles can use this road; pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycles less than 50cc and other classes of non-motorised vehicles are restricted.

Public Transport Corridor and associated facilities:

  • Vehicles permitted to use the Forth Road Bridge can use the access roads indicated by 'PTC' on the map
  • Bus priority lanes are provided on the B800 to assist northbound bus movements between the A90 and the Forth Road Bridge.

Facilities for pedestrians and cyclists:

  • New and enhanced facilities for pedestrians and cyclists have been provided at the A904 around Queensferry Junction and on a section of the B800 from Dundas northwards
  • Cyclists are permitted to use the bus lanes on the B800
  • A footway/cycleway in Echline Fields passes under the Queensferry Crossing to provide an alternative rural means of crossing the M90 in the vicinity of the Queensferry Junction
  • Information regarding pedestrian and cycling facilities is provided in the 'Forth Road Bridge – Walking and Cycling Guide'.

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